The Beautiful Shlaaag*

The van and Ceuse. Photo: Rachel Slater

The van and Ceuse. Photo: Rachel Slater

Friday, 22 November 2013

**News Flash! We’ve just had to limp the van to the garage. She died and needs a new alternator...**


We love her. But, boy, do we hate her too!


Problems with the van

Her doors don’t lock from the outside

All four glow plugs needed replacing - 216 Euros!

No insulation - sometimes there’s ice on the inside! 

She had a flat tyre. We’re now running on the spare...

Her horn intermittently works

Her exhaust smokes when the engine’s running

Her dashboard lights intermittently work

She had a flat battery in the middle of nowhere... but got a good story out of it!

She’s got a massive dent down one side, so the sliding door doesn’t work. (That was Alex.)

She leaks when it’s raining heavily. Duct tape works.


We can plot our journey around France and Spain by listing all the things that went wrong. It’s very kind of Alex and Tony Hallam to lend us this van, but she’s pretty old and frail! We’re treating her well.


*The Shlag is definitely a term of affection. Our Fiat Scudo has kindly driven us thousands of miles (i.e. we’ve gone a lot of places). We mean it with love, honest.

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