Zanskar Valley, Jammu & Kashmir. India 2018

2018_Sep_india 18_00059-70.jpg

In September/October 2018, Tom, Uisdean Hawthorn and Will Sim travelled to the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. After a relatively quick journey to the mountains (four days), they arrived at the Hagshu base camp.

After an acclimatisation trip, it snowed heavily for a couple of days, and their idyllic, grassy base camp was buried in snow. Heavy snowfall at this time of the year in the Indian Himalaya is extremely rare - so much so, that the local Police turned up at our BC and declared, ‘we are here to rescue you! Please come down immediately!’ There had been widespread disruption in the J&K state, so everyone was being evacuated from the mountains.

I returned to the local Police station and re-secured our permit. We then attempted to climb Chiring (6200m approx.), but a two-day approach through heavy snow confirmed the mountains weren’t in great condition. We returned to BC and, about five days later, left for civilisation.

Nonetheless, thanks to Will and Uisdean for a great trip. Most of the photos below are Uisdean’s.