Sunday, 1 December 2013


A short post paying homage to the kindness and generosity people have shown us when our van broke down in Margalef, Northern Spain, during our road trip this autumn. 


The van’s alternator died somewhere near the city of Lleida, and a few days later the battery (which had taken up the strain) also conked out. In hindsight, all the signs of imminent doom were there - we just weren’t looking at them!


Many, many people helped us out in numerous ways. We had to identify the problem, get to the nearest garage (miles away), and get the van fixed whilst living elsewhere!


Thanks to:

Carl and Dave, the Irish legends, who helped us jump the van and work out what the problem was. Good mechanical knowledge, lads.


Tom and Rachel (not us, just other British climbers who had the same name!) for giving us loads more jump-starts.


The ‘Hotel Tres Pins’ owners for calling up some garages and Steve and Angie for translating.


Most importantly:

Simon, Vanessa, Oli, and the dogs: Nas and Fiona!

Simon kindly helped identify the problem, contact the garage and charge the battery for a few days in Margalef. He welcomed us into his warm apartment with open arms and we are incredibly grateful. We had a great few days staying with them all, watched some hilarious youtube videos and even learnt some Spanish. Thanks again, and let us know if you’re ever in the UK!


Fillipe, the mechanic in Le Grennadella, who kindly repaired the alternator for a cheap price. Fingers crossed it works!


We are back on the road, living in Cornudella and have had our last day in Margalef. 


Next stop, a quick hit to Terradets!

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