Expedition Report: Revelations, Alaska 2018. Livingstone/Hawthorn

In spring 2018, Uisdean Hawthorn and I spent three weeks in the Revelation Mountains, Alaska. We attempted the north face of Mt. Jezebel, but bailed due to an 'unclimbable' feature. We then established a new route on the east face of Mt. Jezebel, naming it 'Fun or Fear.' 

Below is a pdf document of our expedition report. It contains all the information you should need to go to the 'Revs,' to repeat our route, climbing on Mt. Jezebel, and tons of general information on alpine climbing in Alaska.

After three trips, I think I've finally got the logistics of Alaska sorted, which means more time climbing, and less of the faff of expedition life.

This expedition was supported by the Mount Everest Foundation and the British Mountaineering Council.


If you have any questions, read the blog on our trip or contact me.

There's a topo below:

Fun or Fear topo.