The Greatest Summer - Part I. Change

Tony easing into summer on In the Heat of the Night (E6 6b)


Monday, 30 March 2015

On the outside, life is chaos. 


It’s a constant stress of money, work concerns and places to stay. The daily turmoil of unanswered questions: has anyone got a sofa to crash on? What will I do for work? How can I make the most of the summer?


On the inside, I maintain a loose grip on reality. I am continuously planning and organising, determined to make the most of every situation. I don’t want to sacrifice my summer by scrimping and saving the pennies I have left. My instinct is to say yes - to commit to every day and every trip. It’s not in my nature to compromise and if there’s a chance… I’ll take it.




After a change of circumstances I find myself free all summer. I thank Plas y Brenin for my time there and for all I have learnt, but now I am ready to continue the momentum gained from two of my ‘best ever’ climbing seasons.


The wheels have been set in motion, trips previously ignored now confirmed. I feel intent on riding the chalky wave of the past 12 months and to ensure the summer of 2015 will be the greatest yet. 


My thoughts surge like the rising tide as I start to dream. Pembroke during Easter… Ireland for two weeks… Pabbay… the Alps… Part of me feels released, set free from various constraints. The cogs whir and spin as far-flung routes come into view on the horizon. 


Tony Stone was keen for a long weekend and we set our sights on Scotland - the last winter fling of the season. After reviewing the weather we agreed north looked warm and fickle and quickly discussed other options. Pembroke? Good weather: check. Tides: check. Fitness in a can: check.


We got what we came for: 58 E-points in four days, bleeding hands and tired arms! It was great to finally climb on Mother Carey’s Space Face and explore the forceful lines in Box Zawn.


On the outside, my life is chaos. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Thankfully, normality has nearly returned and life is settled again. I have accommodation and work prospects, with an entire summer of playing ahead of me.




Thanks to all those who have offered assistance over the past few weeks, and to Tony for a good ‘pre-season’ trip, Geeza! I’m sure this has kicked off an incredible summer.

Tom LivingstoneComment