Saturday, 15 March 2014

We are in the age of ‘instant communication’. No, not the age of intelligence, but that will come. A virtual world is at your fingertips, connecting you in milliseconds to everyone and every thing. 


The internet, that swirling, all-consuming thing, means that we can share a photo with potentially millions of people at the touch of... well... a screen. It seems we’ve even dispensed with buttons now! If you take a photo but never print it out, does it even exist? If the internet somehow ‘crashed’ or, say, you lose your phone, does that photo ever materialise beyond ‘cyber-space?’


I am tired of being told to constantly ‘like’ and ‘share’ things online (predominately through Facebook). It can feel as if I am having an entire News Feed rammed down my throat, complete with links, photos, adverts, videos and FarmVille (what is it?). Like and share to win!

‘The Most Amazing Video, You Won’t Believe What Happens At The End!’. You’re right, I probably won’t believe it. ‘Why don’t you just stop going on Facebook?’, I hear you cry! Well, I am trying for Lent, but it’s not going well.


I am glad I don’t care much for ‘likes’ and who’s ‘following’ me (you #stalkers!). I am content, for the most part, to simply be, exist, and keep my head down. I have never been an avid Instagrammer, a Tweeter or a #hashtagger - I’m partly too embarrassed and I just don’t really get it, either. I don’t think I’d have it in me to #hashtag about how it’s going on the latest proj, or tweet photos of palm trees. But hey, sponsorship changes everything, unless you’re called George Ullrich.


Yes, I am well aware of the irony and hypocrisy here. I am just as guilty as everyone else of spraying around the internet, and indeed this entire blog is testament to that. But, perhaps you’ll sympathise, pat me on the head, and say, ‘well, he doesn’t really understand what he’s on about, the silly little hypocrite!’ I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show you some of the recent delights that I’ve been experiencing, with no need to ‘like’ and ‘share’ what you find. This post isn’t about me, it’s about everyone else!


So, with further ado, I present this blog (pronounced ‘blaaaaaaaaawg’). The idea was to present some of the things that are helping me get by on my 18-hour shifts, as everyone else has a Jolly Fun Winter, and I sit here counting my coppers and crying out, ‘Ref! F.O.M.O., come ON!!’ 


Juramidam by Nick Mulvey. What a great tune, just one of many by this guy. I heard him on Radio 1 a few weeks ago. Listen to Fever to the Form and Cucurucu(bet you can’t find the source of the lyrics!).


The Lean Machine and Polaris (both E5 6a) - Swanage. My ‘local’ crags, boasting a stellar group of E5s? Hello! Early season fitness training has a new motivator.


North Couloir Direct on the Dru. This inspiring report from Jon Griffith got me psyched on one of the coolest, most ‘badass-looking’ lines. And the crux is given M8. ‘It’s fucking Kevin Mahoney up here!’


Steak and Superfood salad

I discovered this thanks to one of my current employers: The Brickmakers, Swanmore.

Hearty salad with beans, nuts, goats cheese and then serve with steak/chicken/bacon. Delicious!


This Soundcloud playlist by Somersault Festival.

A brand-new, 5-day festival takes place in Devon this July. Jack Johnson, Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey (see above) et al. will be performing in the sunshine, near the beach, with good vibes galore. I hope to get a ticket but, for now, this playlist will whet your appetite.


So there you go. This lot is keeping me relatively sane whilst I eat, sleep, work, repeat. I know it’s ironic but enjoy. Feel free not to share!

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