Gangsta Trippin'

Whilst road trippin’ round France and Spain Rachel and I have been laughing at all things to do with travelling, van life, climbing and (whatever that is!).


Enjoy a slice of our humour. All photoz by Rachel Slater.


Adam Ondra does a lot of stretching to improve flexibility. I thought I’d give it a go:




Tekkers photography by Rachel. The Verdon at night.




Changing the van tyre when it’s baltic outside! Mad skillz!




Moody Margalef during the mega monsoon.



Thoughts on... European food

Caramel Flan - good celebratory pudding

Croissants with chocolate, crepes with chocolate (in fact, anything with chocolate).

Baguette - usually so solid you can kill someone with it

Brie with maggots - naaat so much

Mystery tins bought from supermarkets - I don’t speak Spanish and the picture doesn’t help, who knows what we’ve bought?!

Emmental Rape - Apparently, that’s Emmental cheese, and rapé to the French means grated. Phew!

Cola Cao hot chocolate (pronounced Cola Cow). Weird name but amazing!

French pizza vans - literally everywhere, cheap and tasty. Should come to the UK.


...Rest Day Activities

Sitting on bridges in the sunshine

Swimming in canyons in the sunshine

Sleeping in the sunshine

Playing music in the sunshine


When there’s no sunshine, it can be pretty grim. Best to head to the nearest refugi/bar/restaurant, find a quiet corner and charge all your electronics.


...Things we wish we had

Anti-hydral cream. (Why doesn’t anybody have any?! It works so well on trips!)

A six-berth mobile home

A European Dongle

A leisure battery (the Powertraveller PowerGorilla works pretty well, though).

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