Alpine Dreaming - A Woodland Odyssey

Life is great when you're living freely and cheaply. There's something magical about the sun's warmth hitting you, when you're high up on an alpine route. It almost feels like life is being breathed back into your lungs.

This is a video of Ollie Burrows' and Tom Livingstone's trip to the Alps this summer 2012. They lived in the Chamonix valley, camping near the legendary Snell's Field and enjoyed climbing some cool routes.

They were lucky with some exceptionally good weather, and were visited by Alex Hallam part way through their trip.


Ben Howard - Black Flies (Nixon Remix)

Danny Byrd - Red Mist

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Goldfish - Sold My Soul

Pendulum - The Tempest

Ben Howard - Old Pine

Rudimental - Feel the Love